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Qualify in Early Childhood Education.

Start your recognition of prior learning and skills process with the support of your employer.

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Child care employer

Qualify your employees and gain various advantages :
• An increase in the ratio of qualified personnel in your establishment
• Recognition and loyalty of your workforce
• Assurance of medium and long-term succession
• The opportunity for you to take part in the development of the skills of your experienced staff

Get financial support

Receive financial support in the form of 96 hours paid at the fixed hourly rate of $25 to promote the release of employees registered in the RAC process.

Register your employee for RAC96

Attend one of the next employer's virtual meetings.

In order to assist you in the registration procedures, the RAC96 team organizes several additional meetings for employers. The next meetings will take place virtually.

1. Additional information meeting on RAC96
For employers who were unable to attend previous information meetings on RAC96.

Wednesday, May 25 from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. - click here

2. Meetings on the administrative procedures of RAC96
Employers who have registered or intend to register an employee for the RAC96 on our web portal are invited to the meeting on the administrative procedures to obtain RAC96 financial support.
Here are the topics that will be covered:
- Complete and transfer a claim form
- Attach supporting documents
- Content and transmission of the contract

Wednesday, June 1 from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. - click here
Thursday, June 2 from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. - click here

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Early childhood workers

Obtain a diploma (AEC in early childhood education) while continuing to work.

Take advantage of paid perks

• A free process offering 96 paid hours, granted by the employer (MFOR-entreprise meas
• Better salary conditions
• Increased chances of advancement

Take advantage of a free and personalized approach

• Assessment and recognition of your skills
• Support adapted to your situation
• A RAC process at your own pace
•A faster way to earn a college-level degree

Consult the list of participating CEGEPs and information sessions.
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Who is the process for?

To benefit from the financial support, the employee who engages in the process must meet the following criteria:

1. Have an employment relationship with one of the following employers:

• Childcare Centres

• Subsidized or non-subsidized daycare centers (with a permit issued by the Ministère de la Famille)

2. Have Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status

3. Have significant experience in early childhood education.

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The main stages of the process

1. Get informed

• The employer becomes aware of the details of the process and shares them with their employees.

• Interested employees participate in an information session on RAC, offered by CEGEPs. (compulsory and free meeting, in a CEGEP of the person's choice, and without obligation to continue the process afterwards).

2. (A) Prepare the application file

• The employee interested in pursuing the process prepares his or her application file and submits it to the CEGEP of his or her choice, which analyzes the file and, if necessary, invites the employee to an interview. validation of skills.

(B) Register on the platform

• At the same time, the employer registers on the project's Web platform any employee interested in continuing the process, which also allows him to receive financial support related to the process.

3. Progress in his RAC process during freed-up time

• The employer offers up to 96 paid hours to his employee to progress in his RAC process.

Once all the skills of the study program have been successfully evaluated, the employee obtains their diploma (AEC in Childhood Education Techniques).

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