Garderie les petits voyageurs

05 - Estrie

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Workplace description

We are a day care center that welcomes 80 children including 30 immigrants according to the agreement we have with the organization Solidarité Ethnique Régionale de la Yamaska ​​(SERY). Our environment is multicultural and is meant to be family. Our mission is to help children develop at their own pace and to give parents confidence and make them feel listened to. For us, the important thing is that educators feel supported, listened to and understood in their work environment.

Why join our educational team?

Garderie Les Petits Voyageurs is a family business that wants the well-being of children, parents and employees. Our warm and welcoming environment will seduce you. Respect, self-esteem, confidence and autonomy are very important values ​​for the community. We have a large outdoor courtyard with a swing section, a sandbox, a play module and even a section for infants.

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