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Workplace description

At Garderie les Amis du Jardin, we offer children and parents a childcare environment that promotes the child's optimal development on a physical, cognitive, language and social-emotional level. The goal of the daycare is to provide a safe, fun and stimulating environment for children. In a loving and personalized climate, we promote creativity, autonomy and self-confidence.

Why join our educational team?

We encourage the child to learn through play. Management and educators maintain that the child accomplishes a multitude of routine activities through play. By playing, the child experiences and interacts with others and his or her environment. Memorizing a wide range of information, they learn to reason, expand their vocabulary, interact with others, adapt their behavior, increase their self-confidence, and develop their motor skills.The activity program is based on an appreciation of the various aspects of the child, as well as the different skills, needs and interests of each child. The child will be encouraged to actively participate in activities, for example, introduction to computers, cooking lessons, music lessons). All of these activities will allow the child to expand their learning skills and experiences. The activities will aim to promote the overall development of the child.

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