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Are you looking for educators?

This paid specialized training program alternates between work in educational childcare (SGÉE), and study in an AEC/ACS qualification program.

The program allows you to:

- Train replacements

- Quickly meet your part time workforce needs

- Avoid service interruptions

Admissible facilities:

The admissible facilities are early childhood centres (CPE) and daycares holding a permit issued by the Ministry of Family.

Drop-in centers, home daycare services or school daycare services are not eligible.

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How does it work?

The Program takes place over 18 months. Three admissions are planned each year.

The employers must:

- Free their employee 15 hours per week on average to follow the theoretical courses of the AEC/ACS

- Offer between 10 hours and 20 hours of work per week on average, according to their needs and the established employment contract.

Once a month, the employer receives financial compensation to reimburse the salary paid to the student during study hours.

The stages of participation for employers

Fall 2022 semester

1. The employer receives information to fully understand their obligations by consulting the Employer checklist and by registering for information meetings;

2. They register their facility on the portal and creates their Employer section;

3. From their Employer section, they create job offers to recruit future educators in their Employer portal (from August 8th);


4. They complete the registration request for their newly recruited employee in their Employer Space (from August 15th);

5. They recruit candidates by having them pass selection interviews (from August 15th to September 25th);

6. They have their successful candidates sign a promise of employment* OR the employment certificate* and adds them to their Employer Space to inform the Program before the deadline (September 27th).

Job offers forms for the Fall 2022 semester will be available on August 8th. Recruitment of candidates ends Septembre 25th.

*The Employer toolkit contains the model of all required documents.

What's next?

The Program sends the successful candidates’ files to the CEGEP after the recruitment period. The CEGEP will contact the selected candidates individually to put together their admission file and validate the registration.

Candidates are responsible for providing the documents requested by the CEGEP.

Spring 2022 session: CEGEPs will contact successful candidates between April 8th and 29th. Classes will begin on May 9th.

The advantages of the Program


Financial support for the training of educators

The Program reimburses employers for the wages paid during the hours studied by their employee, to a maximum of $15 per hour. At the end of the Program, the maximum amount of compensation paid to the employer is $15,105 per student.

For more information, see the "I am an employer" section of our FAQ.


Immediate availability of educators in training

The students of the Program are immediately available to work on average between 10 and 20 hours per week in the facility, according to the conditions of the employment contract established by the employer.

After the 18 months of the Program, this AEC/ACS-graduated workforce will constitute a new generation of competent people who are available full-time.


Help in recruiting your team

The national communication campaign and the online portal of the Early Childhood Work-Study Program are there to facilitate the recruitment process for employers.

However, employers remain autonomous in the choice of educators who will join their team – they are responsible for posting their job vacancies on the online portal and organizing selection interviews.

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