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The portal helps you recruit and retain your educators.

Recruitment for the Winter 2022 session will begin soon.

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Are you looking for educators...

- For a short-term part-time replacement?
- To preserve the quality of your service offer in the long term?

The Early Childhood Work-Study Program supports you in recruiting your workforce. Its goal is to train more than 2,400 early childhood educators in all regions of Quebec by 2024.

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Operation and eligibility criteria

The course is spread over 18 months at a rate of 3 days/week in studies and 2 days/week in educational daycare. Financial compensation is paid to employers to pay educators during study hours.

Eligible educational childcare services are:

- Early childhood centers (CPE)

- Subsidized and non-subsidized day care centers which hold a permit issued by the Ministère de la Famille.

The stages of the Employer Program

1. Evaluate your skilled labor needs using the GPMO tool found in the employer kit.*

2. Create your employer space on the portal.

3. Then you can;

  • register your unqualified educators and/or educators in the Program;


  • publish your job offers which will be visible to many candidates registered on the platform.

4. Receive applications on your job offers by email and proceed with your recruitment.

The Program will come back to you before the end of the session applications to obtain the information about the candidates selected and send their file to the CEGEP of their choice. You will have to provide an employment offer (a model is available in employer kit*)

*The tools in the employer kit are offered to support the educational childcare environment. It is not mandatory to use them for employer registration.

The forms to post job offers and candidacies for the Fall 2021 session are no longer available.

Recruitment for the Winter 2022 session will begin soon.

The employer kit*

The advantages of the Program


Financial support for the training of educators

The Work-Study Program covers the remuneration of educators in training during all hours of study and internship for up to $15/hour.

For more information, see the "I am an employer" section of our FAQ.


Immediate availability of educators in training

The new Early Childhood Work-Study Program aims to make available apprentice educators from the start of training in their educational childcare setting, first for replacements (2 days per week), then for a full replacement, going full-time after 69 weeks of training.


Help in recruiting your team

The online portal of the new Early Childhood Work-Study Path is a facilitator in your employees' recruitment process. You remain in control in the choice of educators who will join your team.

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