The profession of educator

A career in the exciting, stimulating world of early childhood education

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The skills of a GIANT!

Educators are essential in the progress of toddlers. Beyond the supervision of activities, they play an important role in learning by creating living spaces conducive to physical, psychomotor, cognitive, language development, socio-emotional and morality.

Each action, each interaction, and each word of the educator allows a child to grow a little more. These are the giants and GIANTS of child development.

Early childhood educators train the adults of tomorrow – they develop the future.

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The skills and qualities necessary for a GIANT

The early childhood educator profession involves being in daily contact with young children (0-5 years old). It is essential to be empathetic and caring, in addition to:

- Demonstrating a high level of professionalism;

- Ensuring the health and safety of children;

- Planning educational activities and organizing community life, taking into account children's needs;

- Maintaining meaningful emotional relationships with children;

- Supporting children in their learning;

- Integrating children with special needs;

- Acting in collaboration with various stakeholders.

The Early Childhood Work-Study Program allows you to deepen the necessary skills that help educators in training become indispensable GIANTS.

Working conditions

In addition to working in a stimulating environment with young children (0-5 years old) and with passionate educational teams, early childhood educators benefit from the following working conditions:

- A salary that can exceed $24/hour;

- The possibility of working 4 days/week;

- The presence of family-work reconciliation measures.

For childcare centers and a large number of subsidized daycare centers, there are also:

- Very advantageous retirement plans;

- Group insurance programs.

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