Work-Study Program

Early childhood educator

A career of the future. Stimulating, rewarding, focused on people, and much more…

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First, you've got gigantic know-how

As an educator, you are a specialist in the development of children. You do much more than supervise their activities – you play a crucial role in 4 areas of their development:

1) Physical and motor: their gross and fine motor skills
2) Cognitive: their attention, their memory, their reasoning
3) Linguistic: their communication skills to understand and express themselves with sounds, gestures and words
4) Social and affective: controlling their emotions, their attachment and their interactions with other children and adults to teach them how to live in society

Each of your actions helps the child to grow a little more. You're training the adults of tomorrow.

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You also you master gigantic competencies

Your competencies are giant, as is your role in the learning of tomorrow's adults. You support children as much as their parents in learning.

These are some competencies you can acquire through the Early Childhood Work-Study Program:

  • Know how to ensure the health and safety of each child;
  • Know how to plan and organize educational actions that take into account the needs of each child, in order to promote their overall development;
  • Know how to support children in their learning;
  • Know how to organize community life;
  • Know how to integrate children with special needs;

(And much more...)

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"It's an exciting, rewarding job. We experience pleasure every day. I get the impression of creating the society of tomorrow”.

Nathan Dratler, educator

The working conditions

As an educator in an educational childcare service, you benefit from advantageous working conditions:

  • A salary of up to $30.03/hour
  • The possibility of a work schedule of 4 days a week
  • The presence of work-family balance measures

For CPEs and some daycares, there are also:

  • An advantageous pension plan
  • Group insurance programs
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