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Recognize your skills and obtain your diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education.

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What is RAC96?

It is a process of Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC) in Early Childhood Care and Education offered in several CEGEPs in Quebec. It allows adults who have acquired experience, knowledge and know-how in education in childhood, to evaluate and have their skills in childhood education officially recognized. This individual process takes place at the pace of each participant.

The idea at the heart of the RAC96 is to offer experienced unqualified personnel a favorable context for carrying out their process and financial support of up to 96 hours of paid time, reimbursed to the employer within the framework the workforce training measure for companies.

Image of three women and one men, culturally diverse and of different ages, smiling, standing side by side.

Who is the process for?

The employee who engages in the process must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have an employment relationship with one of the following employers:
    1. Early Childhood Centers (CPE)
    2. Subsidized or non-subsidized daycare centers (with a permit issued by the Ministère de la Famille)
  2. Have a Canadian citizenship or permanent residency of Canada, with a Quebec resident status
  3. Have significant experience in early childhood education
  4. Be unqualified under the Directive on the Assessment of Custody Staff Qualifications

Benefit from various advantages

  • A free and individualized approach offering up to 96 paid hours
  • Support from the CEGEPs throughout the process
  • An assessment and recognition of your skills
  • A facilitating path towards graduation and qualification
  • Better salary conditions
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Register for an information session

Want to know more about the RAC process? You have questions about how it works, the prerequisites, the time and commitment it requires ? Register for an information session offered in a CEGEP! Please note that this is mandatory for all those who want to start the RAC process.

Consult the calendar of CEGEPs and information sessions here

New : RAC96 information session – General presentation of Rac96 process for experienced unqualified personnel.

The RAC96 team organize several virtual meetings in order to support employees.

Discover the advantages of the process, the responsibilities of the employer and the employees and tips and advice for successfully integrating the RAC96 process.

Guide RAC96 pour le personnel éducateur expérimenté

The main steps of the process


Rac step1

Step 1

Get informed

The employee talks to their employer about the RAC96 process.

The interested employee participates in an information session on RAC offered by the CEGEPs (mandatory and free meeting, in a CEGEP of the person's choice, and without obligation to continue the process afterwards).

Rac step2

Step 2

(A) Submitting an application to the Cégep

The employee compiles an application file and submits it to the CEGEP where he/she participated in an information session on RAC.

After analysis of the file, they are called to a validation interview to determine if they are eligible for the RAC process.

Rac step2

Step 2

(B) Register on the project portal

At the same time as submitting their CEGEP application, the employee informs their employer so that the latter registers them on the project's web platform.

Rac step3

Step 3

Progress in your RAC process until graduation

If the employee is admitted, they will then be evaluated by various means: meetings with a content specialist, written assignments, design of a portfolio, observations in the workplace, etc.

If necessary, you may be asked to participate in missing training activities in order to pass the evaluations and thus meet the requirements for obtaining the diploma.

In partnership with their employer, the employee will plan their moments of release that will allow them to progress in his RAC process in the best conditions, and ideally during regular working hours.

This paid time of up to 96 hours will be reimbursed to the employer at the fixed rate of $25 per hour, for each employee in the RAC96 process.

Once the skills assessment is complete, the CEGEP will issue a diploma with the same value as one obtained through classroom or virtual training.

To visualize the steps in diagram : click here.

To visualize the steps in video : click here.

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Don't forget to attend the mandatory RAC information session at the CEGEP of your choice.

Attend an information session offered by the CEGEP

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