A-KIDDY-Z NEST / Le Nid des Bouts de Choux

06 - Montréal

Workplace description

A-KIDDY-Z NEST is a subsidized private daycare for 10 babies (under 18 months of age) and 50 children (from 18 months to 5 years).

Why join our educational team?

Our aim is to foster and enhance the children's development through diverse experiences and activities that provide exploration, manipulation and experimentation (i.e. through play). We therefore offer a balance of varied activities, free choice and educator-directed activities, solitary and group play activities, creative and informative situations, participation and observation, indoor and outdoor play, music, art, science, literature, physical education, drama, etc. in order to encourage physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth. The daycare selects educators for their training, experience and sensitivity to the needs and uniqueness of young children; the female educators must also be loving, warm, and patient and be able to have good relationships with children.

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