CCPE la Maison des Amis

17 - Centre-Du-Québec

Workplace description

Always in the interest of an optimal sound management of its resources, the board of directors and the direction of the CCPE la Maison des Amis considers it important to invest in its infrastructures, to bet on an organization of our resources according to our needs and the '' we prioritize by putting forward accompaniment and support for children and educators with the objective of continuous improvement of the application of the educational program for better development of children. The actors who work within the CCPE la Maison des Amis, favor the following values: - COLABORATION - RESPECT - AUTONOMY My CPE, my living environment !!!

Why join our educational team?

Since the creation of the two pedagogical and technical support consultant positions in September 2017, we have given ourselves the means to set up a permanent structure of support and professional support for staff, children and parents. The staff of the CPE la Maison des Amis has, over the years, demonstrated its capacity for mobilization and motivation to carry out innovative projects. At the CCPE la Maison des Amis, the staff is at the heart of our priorities. We rely on professional and human recognition. We have a committed team !!! My CPE, my living environment !!!

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