Centre centre de la petite enfance Mamik

02 - Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean

Workplace description

Build bridges between peoples, promote culture, provide support and support to families, in order to improve the quality of life of Aboriginal people living in urban areas. Develop the full potential of preschoolers, meeting their social/emotional, intellectual, spiritual, language and physical needs. emotional, intellectual, spiritual, linguistic and physical. Offer support that is rooted in Indigenous cultures and traditions, while focusing on well-being and healthy lifestyles through the transmission of indigenous values

Why join our educational team?

Traditional values speak to us, of hope and respect for all living beings. Also known as the Seven Ancestral Teachings, they are unique to all Indigenous peoples from coast to coast to coast, but can be adapted to reflect community values. They are transmitted in different ways through our activities. Through workshops of tales and legends, spiritual and cultural activities etc. Seniors are invited to come and share their knowledge to ensure intergenerational balance and ensure an environment conducive to starting a journey. The Mamik Native Centres strive to develop these values that allow for better social adaptation. I

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