Centre de la petite enfance La Voûte Enchantée

06 - Montréal

Workplace description

Daycare in a working invironment, our team of 52 employees puts to practice le Highscope pedagogy with its 181 kids aged between 3 months et 5 years old that we welcome every day. Our daycare, which is located near the old port of montréal, exist for more than 43 years. We offer services like the breafast, the supper and even en evening daycare to facilitate the work-family reconciliation.
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Why join our educational team?

Our team is composed of staff with a varied level of experience (over 23 years old to less than a year in the network). This particularity allows everyone to question themselves and to accompany themselves in the development of their professional skills. We have a team trained, more than 75%, on the Highscope approach. We believe that continuing education and professional development and questioning are prerequisites for a quality service offer. Our three work teams are in the same building. Because of this proximity, we have the opportunity to work as one great team.

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