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Workplace description

It is from a diverse clientele that our CPE has acquired its work expertise. In particular, we receive children whose parents are students at the Center Saint-Michel and Villa Marie-Claire as well as children whose parents live or work in downtown Sherbrooke. Collaboration with parents and partners is a core value for us. It implies communication, mutual aid and involves exchange, encouraging us to team up to share. The location of the CPE allows children to live rich activities and experiences. Our facility is located in downtown Sherbrooke, at the corner of Frontenac and Peel streets. Our immediate neighbours, the private high school, the Séminaire de Sherbrooke and a residence for the elderly The Soleil Manoir du Musée residences promote an intergenerational neighborhood rich in diverse experiences for the children of the CPE. During the year, activities are organized with the neighborhood.

Why join our educational team?

Our environment exposes the child to healthy lifestyle habits through its food offer and the promotion of active outdoor play. Our mission is to promote equal opportunities between children, regardless of their social background and to promote respect for differences, taking into account the level of development of each child. Our educational program promotes development and learning, it is influenced by the High Scope and the Loczy approach. The CPE is close to a cultural offer allowing outings and activities for preschool children. Among these offers accessible on foot, there are in particular the municipal library Éva Sénécal, the Museum of Sciences and Nature of Sherbrooke, the Petit theater of Sherbrooke, the center of the arts of the scene Jean Besré, the theater Léonard St-Laurent, live shows. Municipal parks are nearby, the closest being London Park.

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