Centre de la petite enfance Touchatouille

09 - Côte-Nord

Workplace description

We have two facilities of 78 places, each including 10 places infants. A team made up of several educators with extensive experience. We are present in the lives of toddlers, in order to support them in their development. Our educational program: Welcoming early childhood, is our main reference. We also use the notebook: À petit pas, by Casiopé, in order to follow the development of children and transmit the essential elements to parents. We have different training platforms for our staff.

Why join our educational team?

For us, each child is unique! We are in their life, in order to welcome them as they are and to support them in their development at their own pace. Our values: evening esteem, autonomy, respect, honesty. We have been part of the community for almost 40 years. Our team has grown, with the new facility which opened its doors 3 years ago. A dynamic team, always ready to welcome new recruits to its ranks.

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