Centre de la Petite Rnfance Maison Dans l'Arbre

16 - Montérégie

Workplace description

We are an early childcare centre situated in the heart of Hudson. We offer bilingual early learning opportunites to children from the ages of 0 - 5 in Hudson and the surrounding communities

Why join our educational team?

Vision: Centre de la Petite Enfance Treehouse is a non-profit organization whose goal is to educate and provide care according to the individual developmental needs of each pre-school child regardless of physical, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional abilities Mission: As professionals, we at CPE Treehouse are dedicated to meeting the unique development needs of each young child. Understanding that children learn through play inspires our commitment to develops an environment and curriculum where children are encouraged to play, explore, discover and learn at their own pace and in their own way. We believe that family partnerships based on mutual respect, collaboration, and open communication are the building blocks by which children flourish

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