Centre Éducatif À Ciel Ouvert (Sainte-Anne)

06 - Montréal

Workplace description

We are a subsidized private daycare located in Sainte-Anne-de- Bellevue, which welcome every year 80 children aged 18 to 59 months. The children are grouped according to their age. Our educational program is based on the MFA program 'Accueillir la petite enfance'. Our objectives are to welcome the children, meet their needs, ensure their well-being, health, and safety, promote their socialization, facilitate their transition to school, promote equal opportunities, and provide support to parents. We also welcome several children with special needs.
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Why join our educational team?

Our services are designed to ensure the health, safety, development and well being of the children in our care throughout the year. Our stimulating and friendly environment will encourage the development of each individual child, with respect for everyone. We want the children, parents and staff to develop and flourish in harmony. Parents are the primary caregivers for their child; we rely on close cooperation in order to be able to continue our work. Centre Éducatif à Ciel Ouvert also has the following goals: - Provide quality care to children with special needs (physical or mental disability, family problems, etc…) - Ensure the harmonious integration of children from immigrant families. - Meet the different needs of families (training, support, and coaching.).

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