Centre educatif du Village de St-Lazare

16 - Montérégie

Workplace description

We are a subsidized daycare for 80 children. We have a great team of educators who are passionate about their work and who get involved to find great projects according to the interests of the children in their group. We are lucky to have a large yard to develop and create beautiful outdoor play areas.
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Why join our educational team?

For our environment it is important to: -Provide children with an environment conducive to healthy lifestyles, healthy eating habits and behaviors that positively influence their health and well-being. -Know and respect appropriate developmental principles. -Establish a partnership with parents. -Serve as a role model to Children by leading ourselves with integrity, respect, honesty, loyalty, fairness and kindness. -Ensure an atmosphere where children and adults are enriched. And which promotes friendships, curiosity, self-esteem, joy, humor and respect for people and the environment. -Respect the individuality of each Child. By ensuring that they are loved, respected, invested and appropriately stimulated in their activities and daily interactions.

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