Centre Éducatif Lapierre

06 - Montréal

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The daycare offers a day care service to children aged from birth to five years old. We currently offer 72 places, 10 of which are reserved for infants. The daycare is located in a residential area with a high concentration of housing (apartment blocks, row houses) in the LaSalle borough. Our daycare has been governed by the Act respecting educational childcare services and by the Regulation respecting educational childcare services since February 2015. The groups are divided according to the ratios of the Ministère de la famille;  An educator for 5 children aged 0-18 months  An educator for 8 children from 18 months to 47 months  One educator for 10 children aged 48 to 59 months
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Why join our educational team?

The Lapierre Educational Center has an educational program for each age group. She makes sure to meet the needs of children by offering a program designed and adapted to different ages while creating a pleasant, stimulating and safe atmosphere. Daily, the daycare applies the educational program of the Ministry of the Family "Welcoming the Early Childhood", an educational program that gives the child an environment conducive to the development of healthy lifestyles, healthy eating habits and behaviors that influence in a positive way his health and well-being.

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