Centre Éducatif Les Fées Enchantées

13 - Laval

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Welcome to The Enchanted Fairies Daycare Center. The atmosphere at the Daycare Center combines love, security, protection, physical care, creative educational experiences and a focus on the well-being, health and safety of the children in our care. This enables your child to reach his or her full developmental potential. The Enchanted Fairies Daycare Center embodies a culture of excellence that promotes superior quality in terms of education, services and learning environment. We have an exceptional opportunity to make a difference in a child's life, contributing to the development of society and preventing the onset of learning, behavioral or social difficulties.
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Why join our educational team?

Join our educational team for an enriching and collaborative experience. Our daycare is distinguished by its pedagogical values, which focus on respect, creativity and the development of each child. Our dynamic and friendly team will welcome you in an environment conducive to learning and development.

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