Centre éducatif Mademoiselle Sourire

03 - Capitale-Nationale (Québec)

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Mademoiselle Sourire educational centers are 2 educational daycares under the same roof! A subsidized private daycare with 61 places as well as an unsubsidized daycare with 44 places. A place where the child is at the heart of the priorities and where everyone actively participates in the development of children from 18 months to 5 years old. Located in Ste-Foy, our establishment is easily accessible by car and with the transport network of the Capital.
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Why join our educational team?

Do you want to join a warm environment in which an atmosphere of collaboration, respect, mutual aid and dynamism reigns? Know that by being part of the Mademoiselle Sourire educational center team you will find a great big family. In addition, do you have the educational quality at heart? It is essential to know that we have an educational support agent on site in order to provide the necessary resources to our educational staff. Our mission is to provide a warm, smiling and safe place where children gain experience and experience success day after day. Join us!

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