Collège des tout-petits

17 - Centre-Du-Québec

Workplace description

The College des Tout-Petits daycare is a subsidized private daycare. We have 30 places on the license including 5 kids (0-18 months). We have 4 rooms for our little ones spread over 2 floors. We are an educational environment that promotes free and active play through its various moments of life. Outdoor outings, exploration, discovery through all that surrounds us allows children to develop in all areas. We are lucky to have a wooded area very close to where we go very often. We are near several parks and we have access to the city bus for educational outings in our beautiful city!

Why join our educational team?

Our mission is to offer a quality environment through passionate staff, a healthy environment and learning adapted to each child. We believe that each child grows at their own pace and that we are there to support and help them as they grow. Our main values ​​are: perseverance, autonomy, respect, self-esteem, ecology / zero waste as well as the bond of attachment. Our daycare has been open since 2004. We are located near the Drummondville-Sud community center. We like to stand out for the variety of activities we do with children.We have a stable team for several years, warm, loving and who are there for the children. A small team but a real family!

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17 - Centre-Du-Québec

17 - Centre-Du-Québec

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