CPBR - Centre préscolaire bilingue de Rimouski

01 - Bas-St-Laurent

Workplace description

CPBR - Centre préscolaire bilingue de Rimouski is a non-subsidized establishment recognized by the ministry of Family as an official daycare provider. CPBR offers preschool service to children from three to five years old in a bilingual French-English setting. The CPBR is a safe and warm environment in which staff members guide children to develop their full potential on personal, social, emotional, cognitive, language and motor skill levels. CPBR delivers a high-quality learning experience through hands-on experiences field trips, and ecological and community/humanitarian projects.

Why join our educational team?

CPBR staff aims to create a warm community that values children's success in today's community and the success they will create in tomorrow's society. Values that are at the heart of the CPBR's mission: collaboration, respect, listening, sharing, empathy, dignity, motivation, curiosity, ecology, philanthropy, health, safety, joie de vivre. We are a small, people-oriented facility welcoming 28 children every weekday. Our small size facilitates high-quality interactions among our staff, children, and parent community. CPBR administrators support a democratic approach where staff members are encouraged to voice constructive feedback. Family/work balance is encouraged through: a certain work schedule flexibility + 5 weeks off in the summer, 2 weeks off during winter holidays, and Spring break off.

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