CPE Au Coeur Enfantin

03 - Capitale-Nationale (Québec)

Workplace description

At the Au Coeur Enfantin childcare center, benevolence is at the heart of our educational approach. One of the important components of our pedagogy is education through nature. We are a team mobilized to provide an optimal environment for the overall development of the child, to develop healthy lifestyles, to promote learning organized around children's initiatives (emerging pedagogy) as well as to stimulate awareness and the ecological sensitivity of children. Respecting the infant's rhythm and free activity is another important link in our genetics. The hours are different for each of them and they are the ones who dictate the times of their care (naps, meals, drinks). Our nurseries have a balcony adjoining the room, converted into a dormitory for outdoor naps, which can be used in all seasons.

Why join our educational team?

We are a dynamic and professional team, who feel valued by the quality of the services we offer to children. A well-treatment agreement has even been drawn up between all the staff and the children. We like to spend time in nature and work with a feeling of freedom. One of our priorities is to respect the pace of each of the children in our care. The schedule is flexible and imposes few breaks in the course of play periods, which allows the child to develop in a context of great freedom. This state of mind can be seen in our all facilities. Are you currently feeling a frenzy? Well our CPE corresponds to your values!

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