CPE-BC Mini-Monde

02 - Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean

Workplace description

The CPE-BC Mini-Monde is a leader in early childhood on the territory of La Baie and Bas Saguenay. In addition to its two facilities accommodating 76 children and soon 100 children thanks to an expansion project underway, we are in charge of family environments recognized in our territory. Our organization is particularly distinguished by its open pedagogy, and its desire to support the child in his development by focusing on his interests and tastes.
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Why join our educational team?

Having the well-being of children and the quality of the childcare services offered to them at the heart of their concerns, the members of the organization have given priority to values to be conveyed on a daily basis. They are the search for quality, respect, openness, commitment and creativity. These, combined with the principles embodied in the educational program and the educational values, create a climate in which children and adults can develop in complete health and safety while seeking to flourish. The values carried by the educational program of the CPE-BC Mini-Monde are well-being, autonomy, collaboration, the right to equality for all and respect. They provide a framework for the ways of doing things and the ways of being of our staff. Our team stands out for its solidarity, its experience and its daily joy of living.

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