CPE Chatouille
2335 avenue Laurier est / 06 - Montréal

Description of position

L’éducateur(trice) met en application le programme éducatif englobant des activités ayant pour but le développement global des enfants dont il/elle a la responsabilité : veille à la santé, à la sécurité et au bien-être des enfants et accomplit diverses tâches en relation avec ses fonctions. La personne sera dans un groupe multiâges, accompagnée par un(e) éducateur/trice.

Salary (range) :

Between 15$ and 17$ / h

Typical schedule :

Between 25h and 35h per week, organized as follows: - Between 10 and 20 hours on average per week in the workplace according to the needs of the educational childcare service; - 15 hours of study, paid.

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Vitrail et CPE

Description of environment

The CPE Chatouille welcomes 80 children (10 infants, 70 children over 18 months) in its facility located in the eastern part of the Plateau Mont-Royal. As a partner of the Centre de réadaptation Lucie-Bruneau since its creation, the CPE has access to some of its facilities, including the swimming pool. The children also have access to a large yard with a module and introductory gardening activities. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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