CPE Communautaire Les Trottinettes

06 - Montréal

Workplace description

The community CPE les Trottinettes is located in the Verdun borough of the Island of Montreal. The children who attend the CPE come from all social backgrounds even if part of the clientele can be considered socio-economically poor. In addition to its location in a disadvantaged environment, the CPE is directly concerned by recent research on school readiness as being located in neighborhoods with a high rate of vulnerable children in at least one area of ​​school readiness as well as high proportions of vulnerable children in the areas of physical health and well-being, social competence and emotional maturity. Although largely composed of a clientele native to Verdun, for a little over a decade the borough has also welcomed a large cohort of immigrants mainly of Chinese, North African, Eastern European and European origin. Central Africa.
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Why join our educational team?

At CPE les Trottinettes, the child, and more specifically meeting his or her needs as best as possible, is at the heart of our thinking and is the basis from which our discussions and decisions are developed. To fuel our reflections and to guide our interventions, we refer, of course, to our knowledge of child development, but we also refer to documents. First of all, all daycare services in Quebec are required to apply the Welcoming Early Childhood educational program of the Ministry of Families and Seniors. This program was strongly inspired by the HighScope program, which is the educational program that the CPE Les Trottinettes has adopted and for which the majority of staff have been trained.

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