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The Familigarde Early Childhood Center (Installation) was born out of the family daycare agency (1992) with the same name. In 2001, Familigarde opened a 60-seat installation on rue Maisonneuve in Granby. The CPE has 10 infant places with a double nursery.
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Why join our educational team?

At the Familigarde childcare center, our mission is to provide quality, educational childcare services in a safe environment for children aged 0 to 5 years old. Educational: Allow children to learn with the greatest respect for their uniqueness. Quality: Find in his living environment, all the essential components for his harmonious development. Safe and secure: Comply with standards for children's health, safety, well-being and development. Create and maintain the bond of attachment with the child and his family by responding to the needs of tenderness, affection and steadfastness.

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