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Familigarde has been well anchored in the Lasallois sector for more than 20 years. We have two dynamic teams that are fully committed. While ensuring that it fulfills its mandate to offer optimal educational quality, the CPE undertakes to contribute to the well-being and the overall and harmonious development of the early childhood by adopting preventive and constructive educational attitudes. This contribution is based on an approach of openness and exchange with all the actors and partners who gravitate around the child as well as on the constant improvement of its professional practices, and this, always having in mind the concern for the well-being collective. Our vision is that each child develops in a holistic and harmonious way.
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Why join our educational team?

The CPE Familigarde de Lasalle is looking for dynamic, warm and passionate educators who want to get involved with the team in place.

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L'éducatrice est responsable de veiller à la sécurité des enfants, d'appliquer le programme éducatif...

21 rue Centrale, Lasalle et 9170 rue Airlie, Lasalle

Job status : Open

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