CPE La Forêt Enchantée

17 - Centre-Du-Québec

Workplace description

The CPE La Forêt Enchantée is located in the beautiful region of Victoriaville and has two facilities. Our childcare center opened its doors on October 30, 1984 and was able to accommodate 32 children daily at that time. Now our organization can welcome 109 children from 0 to 5 years old every day in these two facilities (Warwick 80 children and Tingwick 29 children). Our facilities are near wooded areas, thus making it possible to offer children the Child / nature pedagogy.

Why join our educational team?

Our community has an experienced team ready to renew itself. The working climate is warm and welcoming. We have a threefold mission: that of seeing to the well-being, health and safety of children, that of offering them a living environment suitable for stimulating their development on all levels, from their birth to their entry to life. school and finally that of preventing the subsequent appearance of learning, behavior or social integration difficulties. For us, autonomy, respect for oneself and others, respect for the environment, equality between people, sharing, peaceful conflict resolution, solidarity and collaboration are important values ​​and conveyed in our organization.

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