CPE La Foret Enchantée de Lasalle

06 - Montréal

Workplace description

CPE La Forêt Enchantée is a 62-space child care center nestled in a residential area In Ville LaSalle. The beauty of our CPE can be found not only in it`s architecture but even more so in its’ team and community. Our setting represents and celebrates a rich blend of cultures and a strong commitment to quality care .

Why join our educational team?

The child is the raison d'être of the CPE La Forêt Enchantée de LaSalle, and all efforts are aimed at ensuring his or her complete development. It is thus in a global way that we promote the development of the child, and this, to meet his needs, without privileging one aspect to the detriment of another. The achievement of the objectives pursued by the CPE requires an exceptional level of cooperation between the parents and all the staff. This cooperation takes various forms and is structured. It is the best guarantee that the child will have a happy stay at our centre.

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