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03 - Capitale-Nationale (Québec)

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The CPE La Ribouldingue offers a quality daycare service to children, and in priority to those of the employees of the head office of the IRDPQ as well as to children with special needs. This environment accommodates 50 children. The educator staff includes educators who have been with the organization for over 25 years. The team is caring, dynamic and welcoming! In addition, the partnership with the parents is done with respect in order to adequately meet the needs of their child.
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Our team is welcoming, dynamic, experienced and caring! Our mission is for each child to develop at their own pace in a safe and respectful environment. In addition, the fact that the CPE is in a work environment, our links with families are significant and harmonious! Our values ​​are: Well-being to promote learning Self-respect to recognize one's needs and to express oneself The respect of the other to enter into a relationship and to recognize it Respect for the environment in order to act with kindness Self-esteem: it is the knowledge and acceptance of the value of one's person, one's strengths and one's limits. Pleasure: it is the feeling felt by a person when the activity in progress meets his interests, his desires and his needs.

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Éducatrice à l'enfance

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Sous la responsabilité de la directrice générale, l'éducateur (trice) devra: -mettre en application ...

525 boul Wilfrid-Hamel E-107 G1M 2S8

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