CPE Poids Plume Inc.

03 - Capitale-Nationale (Québec)

Workplace description

The CPE Puis Plume is a social economy enterprise and our contribution promotes the integration of families into the job market. Our service contributes to offering children the opportunity to live in an enriching living environment by allowing them to flourish in complete freedom. The CPE wants to transmit to children human values on which humanity aspires to reach consensus: sharing , cooperation, tolerance and fraternity. The CPE welcomes families who benefit from IRDPQ services to meet the specific needs of their child. We have a specialized educator to facilitate the child's integration into the CPE.
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Why join our educational team?

The CPE Puis Plume is a living environment on a human scale. The atmosphere is family. Families grow up together. We are a belonging network creator. Half of the clientele have a common workplace. The other half live in the neighborhood and its surroundings.

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