CPE Topinambour

06 - Montréal

Workplace description

The CPE Topinambour is located in the Ville-Marie district of Montreal and holds an operating permit for 80 places from the Ministère de la Famille, divided into 10 infants 0 to 17 months and 70 children aged 18 months to 5 years. We offer a welcoming environment, located in a three-storey building and equipped with a large staff room, a planning room as well as a large landscaped courtyard and a terrace for the infants.

Why join our educational team?

-Salary according to the salary scale of the Ministère de la Famille -CSQ unionized environment -On-site educational support -Close to a metro (Frontenac) and several bus lines (125, 85, 94, 24, 29) -Welcoming and dynamic team

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