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Workplace description

The mission of CPE Whiteside Taylor is to partner with families and the community to foster and support the natural curiosity that children have about the world around them. Our team of professionals are committed to recognizing and respecting the uniqueness of each child in their social emotional, cognitive, language, motor and physical development and offer them an environment that is warm, inviting, safe and secure in which children can develop, learn and grow. We provide an educational program based on the children’s interests, that meets their needs, supports their growth and inspires them to be lifelong learners.
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Why join our educational team?

Three components make up the foundation of our vision; our interactions, the classroom environment and our educational program. Our role is to foster within each child a sense of self-worth, autonomy and independence. Guiding children by democratic intervention that gives the children choice, shared power and the ability to solve their problems. Our educators should provide a developmentally appropriate environment that allows each child to express themselves, explore, manipulate, experiment and discover at his/her own pace. Our educational program is based on the theory that play is essential and the catalyst to learning. We believe that children are most inspired to learn through their own natural curiosity therefore, we provide open ended learning opportunities based on their interests and scaffold their learning.

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