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16 - Montérégie

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Workplace description

Our subsidized daycare, located in the charming town of Saint-Lazare, has just opened its doors in December 2023. At Garderie Nido, we promote education through nature, thus offering a calm, spacious and bright setting, conducive to learning and development of children.
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Why join our educational team?

We believe that the child is the architect of his own development. Our educational foundations are based on a humanist and socio-constructivist approach to child development in the Montessori style. Why Choose Garderie Nido? Ideal Working Environment: Take advantage of our modern facilities, with large, bright spaces and a large outdoor space. Our stimulating work environment promotes creativity and well-being. Professional and Personal Support: With an experienced management team of over 25 years and an approach based on respect and pleasure, we offer maximum support for your professional development.

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