14 - Lanaudière

Workplace description

To offer you quality educational childcare services, adapted to the needs of children and families in our community. Our priority is to provide children with a healthy environment, ensuring their health, safety, development and well-being. We want to reproduce in our facility this climate of conviviality and security which gives children better chances to develop to their full potential. Our living environment is stimulating and warm for all the people around it. We wish to allow the child to make a link between his family life and his life at the daycare by the participation of the parents in the activities of the children. Our facility offers a comprehensive living environment that promotes all aspects of a child's development.

Why join our educational team?

We have an exceptional team, a magnificent clientele and up-to-date infrastructures. Large play areas, motor skills room, water games, swings, nearby park etc. Respect, autonomy and consultation with the team are values ​​that resemble us. Obviously, the child is always at the center of our concerns!

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