Garderie éducative le nid d'abeilles

06 - Montréal

Workplace description

Open: July, 2017. Owners: Franco, Grace, Rachel and Anthony Miele. Being a shared family business, each of us contributes to the smooth running of the daycare. With a background in education, I am the director. I also manage marketing, our social media platforms and our website. My mom is our amazing cook and like all moms, does a million other things that make it functional, safe and clean. My father is a handyman. He helps with all administrative, culinary or babysitting tasks. My brother, having experience in accounting, manages all of our finances. Together, we are working hard to provide families with an incredible child care experience.
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Why join our educational team?

We value the child as a whole and work to provide an education that develops each domain of learning in collaboration with the parents so that the educator and the parent form a team in the development of the child. Our work environment is friendly, relaxed and familial. We have an open concept daycare which makes teamwork essential and allows educators to help each other when they need it. It also allows them to do activities together if they wish. Employees are also entitled to insurance.

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