Garderie éducative Le Virevent

16 - Montérégie

Workplace description

La garderie Le Virevent is in the heart of old Chambly, surrounded by a large-nature environment. Our location provides us the opportunity to promote outdoor activities to the fullest. Children have access to large green spaces, a stream, a soccer field, as well as a baseball field. We explore several parks; we take advantage of these wooded and natural spaces during all seasons. We follow the educational program of Quebec childcare services, Accueillir la petite enfance, however our pedagogy is primarily focused on nature and the outdoors. Our team is made up of qualified and motivated educators who care about the well-being of children. Benevolence is the heart of our interventions. Together, we provide a warm, healthy, and stimulating living environment for children and their families.
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Why join our educational team?

You want to join a working environment where: The outdoors and nature are at the center of our pedagogy; work in a beautiful physical environment, both indoors and outdoors; Our environment provides hands on support as well as individual coaching to support employee development We believe that positivity, and open mindset and synergy are the right ingredients to explore the best solutions in our workplace Benevolence, altruism, and respect are at the heart of our values. Our philosophy includes supporting work-life as we focus on the well-being of our employee and children. A human resources policy and a code of ethics are put in place by the employees. We offer salary that respects the scale of the Ministère de la famille.

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