Garderie 123 Jouer

15 - Laurentides

Workplace description

We are a new and modern daycare operating since 2018 in the city of Saint-Eustache, only 10 minutes away from Laval. Our environment has our staff and parents feel comfortable with our home like establishment. The daycare consists of 4 classrooms, babies, 18months, 2 years old and 3 years old. Each classroom has 8 children, and 1 educator in a class. We have a large kitchen and offer home cooked meals that the children love ! Our backyard playground is filled with many modules and toys that the children can have fun playing outside. In the summer time we offer small pools, sprinklers and more water fun activities. There is a nearby park that the children enjoy going to as well.

Why join our educational team?

Join our super fun, energetic, positive, and helpful team. We all work close together sharing songs, activities daily updates in our classrooms with each other. We follow the Quebec’s educational program and “Jouer c’est Magique”. The educators are to following the children’s needs, interests, and capability. We create centers in the classroom and provide the appropriate toys that they enjoy playing with. We plan activities according to the weekly theme with many materials that we provide. We also work closely with parents always keeping them updated about their children’s day using a mobile app. In the app educators mention how they spend their day, activities they do including pictures and many more.

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