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Workplace description

Subsidized educational daycare, existing since 2005, it offers educational childcare services. ABCD Daycare is located in the cartier-ville area of ​​Montreal, making our facility an icon in meeting the needs of children from disadvantaged families and children with special needs. ABCD Daycare works in partnership with several organizations such as I JE ME FAIS UNE PLACE EN GARDEIRE and ATELIER FOCUS . (Organizations taking care of children with special needs. This ensures our establishment a success in terms of educational interventions.

Why join our educational team?

Garderie ABCD's mission is to offer all Quebec families a quality educational childcare service. ABCD Daycare values . Encouragement of initiative . Creativity . The sharing . Autonomy . Self-confidence . Self-esteem . fulfillment - Respect: for the clientele and the values ​​of each of them. - Promote mutual aid and solidarity, • Open-mindedness • Quest for continuous improvement of service quality the educational staff is very warm and endowed with a fairly receptive social radar, obviously allowing them to ensure on the one hand a good educational intervention and on the other hand a good partnership with the parents of the children within the framework of the continuation of the educational process .

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