Garderie Apprendre et Apprécier 9252-9924 Québec Inc

13 - Laval

Workplace description

We are a private 80 spot daycare service located in Laval. We offer a quality service to our clients with the help of our dynamic and friendly team. Our program included extracurrical activities such as sport and music classes and encourage the children to develop their own interests.

Why join our educational team?

At Daycare AppApp, we believe that educating little ones should be fun! We offer an educational program whose primary goal is to allow each child to develop at their own pace. The values which are the basis of our educational program are autonomy, sharing and cooperation, creativity, communication and the expression of emotions. Garderie AppApp aims to promote equal opportunities between children, regardless of their social, economic, cultural or religious background, so that everyone can flourish and develop harmoniously, succeed in their academic progress and participate one day in society. We have a very 'family style' atmosphere and friendly staff.

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