Garderie Asban

17 - Centre-Du-Québec

Workplace description

Kwai, Hello! The Asban daycare service offers your children an educational environment open to cultural diversity. There is a discovery component and the transmission of the Abenaki culture. Our mission is to ensure the well-being, health and safety of each child in a healthy environment that promotes their growth and overall development. Wildlife is at the heart of our universe and the Abenaki culture is an additional enrichment for the children who attend our daycare service.

Why join our educational team?

The following values ​​will guide our actions in the collaboration between the different speakers: Respect: Feeling that leads to treating people and things with respect because that they are unique. Sense of responsibility: Ability to make choices and keep commitments to see to their well-being and that of others. Will: It is the engine of our actions, it allows us to act and to persevere in what we undertake, in harmony with all the values.

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