Garderie Chez Pierrot et Pierrette

16 - Montérégie

Workplace description

The Garderie Chez Pierrot et Pierrette, located at 666 rue Larivière in Chambly, offers quality childcare and educational services, open all year round (except holidays) from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday, welcoming 80 children under 0 months to 5 years.

Why join our educational team?

In existence for over 15 years, our services are offered to ensure the health, safety, development and well-being of children. Our team wishes to be in partnership with parents in order to offer children an environment conducive to their overall development. Our approach is based on fundamental values so that the child is at the very heart of our educational action. It promotes self-esteem, respect, cooperation, autonomy as well as creativity.

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