Garderie des Moissons

14 - Lanaudière

Workplace description

Open for over 30 years, we are a facility of 80 children. We have two groups of 0-17 months, two groups of 18 to 23 months, two groups of 24-35 months, one group of 24-47 months, 2 groups of 36-47 months as well as two groups of 48 to 59 months .

Why join our educational team?

The Garderie des Moissons is a dynamic and warm living environment that promotes the overall development of the child. One of the objectives of the childcare setting is to promote the harmonious development of all children by fostering the collaboration and commitment of parents. Our philosophy: Through play, the child learns, he learns at his own pace. Through his choices, he assumes his independence and experiences success by taking into account his skills, which leads him to develop his self-esteem. For us, each child is unique with their tastes and preferences. The Garderie des Moissons promotes the inclusion of children with special needs.

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