Garderie des Petits Apprentis de Boisbriand inc.

15 - Laurentides

Workplace description

Garderie des Petits Apprentis is located in the business district of Boisbriand. (District 23). We specialized in the 0 to 3 years old development since we also have a second daycare right next to it who welcomes the older kids from 3 to 5.(Garderie des Petits Sages). Together, they make a great team of childhood's development specialists! We offer a musical program from 0 to 5 years old, a great and varied educative program following the child's development, and a preschool program for the older ones from 3 to 5. If you want to join a dynamic and professional team, apply here!

Why join our educational team?

Our childhood educators are selected from their values and passion. Our mission is : '' Where your child's first step are made hand in hand, at is own pace, with love'' We provide a safe and caring environment, tainted with love and empathy, colorful and interesting. We offer an exceptional learning environment witch will be the first step to a successful scholarship in the future. In that way, we contribute to the global development and making learning fun ! Our main values are: respect, professionalism, equity and caring relationships.

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