Garderie E.B. Tic Tac Toc Saint Canut

15 - Laurentides


Workplace description

Tic-Tac-Toc Saint Canut is a 80-place new daycare, established since 2017, with large colored spaces. The educational-bilingual daycare Tic Tac Toc has given itself the mission of walking with the child in his learning at the heart of a harmonious living environment so that he can flourish by developing his self-esteem, his social abilities and even respect for oneself and others. The daycare wants to ensure the integral growth of the person by promoting the optimal development of their potential on the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and moral levels.
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Why join our educational team?

Our team is filled with competent and dynamic educators who take the development of children to heart. In their educational intervention, educators will adopt: -Ecological approach - Attachment and educational childcare -Active and supported learning -As part of the ecological approach, the educators will encourage interaction between the children and their environment. Principles and application of our educational program, as well as a good collaboration between parents and educators.

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