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15 - Laurentides

Workplace description

The main mission of the black sheep is to offer bilingual educational childcare services, to ensure the health, safety, development, well-being and equal opportunities of the children who receive our services. Likewise, we apply an educational program promoting the overall development of the child, which will allow him to develop all the dimensions of his person and will gradually lead him to adapt to community life and to integrate harmoniously into it. . Le Mouton Noir daycare fosters a culture of excellence that promotes superior quality in terms of education, services and the learning environment. Each worker is driven by a professionalism that is at the service of the child. We have an exceptional chance to make a difference in the life of a child and to contribute to the development of society.

Why join our educational team?

Since September 2013 our dynamic, caring, creative and caring team of educators have taken the well-being of children to heart. Daily they ensure the educational quality. The pleasure of the child, autonomy and self-esteem are at the heart of our concerns. Imagination, play and creativity take pride of place. We believe that a quality child care service is a service that is able to recognize the needs of your children and to meet them. Le Mouton Noir is a daycare center of joy, songs, smiles, good humor and enthusiasm. Working with your little ones, seeing them grow day after day, giving them a big kiss when they move away from us to walk in the world of the older ones, it's stimulating and amazing.

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