garderie éducative les petites coccinelles (7514476 can inc)

07 - Outaouais

Workplace description

We are a private daycare for 57 children aged 0-5 years. from 0-36 months we learn the basics of life such as politeness, autonomy, respect, in the game. A preschool higher education program is delivered by qualified educators with all the skills necessary for preschool education. Friends will receive a solid academic foundation with a well-rounded curriculum grounded in academic subjects essential for Kindergarten preparation Our educators are a remarkable team of dedicated and talented people. they have training and passion in their areas of expertise, which brings enthusiasm and love to our little friends. The educators have a college certificate or an AEC.

Why join our educational team?

We believe in the strength of WE and we know that the quality of the services offered comes first from the strength of a diverse team such as ours. With us, you will work in close collaboration and you will share your daily life with passionate people and a dedicated team of managers. you will know an organization that values ​​diversity in all its forms. you will be asked to share your ideas, to let your creativity flow and, thus, to contribute concretely to the innovation of our organization. you will contribute directly or indirectly, in your own way, to a most noble cause, the one that makes up our mission: to develop the full potential of all our friends and see them succeed. We are looking for the best talent for them.

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