Garderie Enfantastix inc.

16 - Montérégie

Workplace description

Dynamic daycare services, where teamwork is key, especially that all groups are double. We are a facility of 80 children with a nursery of 15 infants. Nutritious and healthy meals cooked on site. We are located in a natural environment with large classrooms lit with natural light by large windows, on one floor. Educational program "Accueillir la petite enfance". We welcome wonderful families with whom we share the love of their child. This ensures collaboration for the development of each child according to their needs. A large adjacent yard that has several sections, sandbox, water games, small hill for climbing, absorbent area, asphalt cart section and nursery yard ground covered with a coating of recycled tires.

Why join our educational team?

Our newly designed facilities in 2013 ensure an effective educational program delivery. We understand that each child is unique and that collaboration between families and educators is essential for a happy and fulfilling childhood for each child. Our mission is based on the values of mutual aid and respect. The mood can be summed up as happy and caring. Truly, the joy of life and humanity reigns in every staff member. The atmosphere sometimes calm and sometimes full of games appeals to every child and certainly to staff members.

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