Garderie et Prématernelle Les Flamboyants

16 - Montérégie

Workplace description

Les Flamboyants is more than a daycare and preschool! It is an environment in which children, parents and team members grow together to flourish. At Les Flamboyants, we are aware that we support the citizens of the world of tomorrow. We embrace diversity in all its diversity. Our values ​​of caring, respect, honesty, authenticity and empathy are embodied by the members of the team. Our actions are based on the 3 bases of Les Flamboyants: Is it good for children and their families? Is it good for the team? Does it contribute to improving the services or the influence of Les Flamboyants. It's simple and it's fundamental for us.
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Why join our educational team?

In a changing world, we are sensitive to the different realities of team members. This is why we are always in a process of improvement and professional development. Also, the members of the team have various advantages: Meals are offered to the educators. The facilities are easily accessible and have ample parking. We have a management team that takes the well-being, development and cohesion of the team to heart. She is therefore very attentive to the needs of each environment.

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