Garderie Griffin - Jardin d'enfants

06 - Montréal

Workplace description

Private daycare in Griffintown. Almost 10 years of activity. Our customers are our children, not their parents. Respecting the needs of each child, respecting their uniqueness, accepting differences values affective, emotional, emotional, sporting and artistic intelligences are our priorities: to allow each child to develop his full capacity and self-confidence. 6 hudge classes, 2 outdoors, amazing families, multiculturals, friendly and very involved in our daycare.
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Why join our educational team?

Our team is simply amazing. This is truly the greatest strength of daycare. Any new educator will not only find a work environment that will allow her to flourish, but she will also find a close-knit and very dynamic team. By the way we are not even co-workers anymore, we are simply a gang, passionate, happy to work together, and each of us is always ready to help others. Mornings are always spent in a good mood. It's our trademark ;)

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