Garderie Jardin des Merveilles II

06 - Montréal

Workplace description

The nursery at the Jardin des Merveilles is committed to placing the child at the center of his interests and of his educational practice, ages between 6 months and 5 years old. Our values ​​are focused on children and their overall development. Children will be able to grow, learn, discover and flourish. Our values ​​will respect the values ​​of autonomy, socialization, self-expression, the acquisition of healthy lifestyles and cooperation. Educators must support children in their learning process, taking into account their needs and highlighting all areas of overall development. Our place of care will provide an environment that will promote and incorporate bilingualism

Why join our educational team?

Our daycare is recognized for its commitment to the development of children, we are known in our community. Joining the Garderie at Jardin des Merveilles II team means working with a dynamic team who are proud of their work every day. Our daycare aims to provide a work environment that promotes its fundamental values ​​and allows its educators to flourish in their work with children. We are committed to recognizing the exceptional work of our educators, it is important to celebrate the exceptional work of our educators

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